Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yesterday I finally got the news. We're through here at this company and Feb 27th is our last day. I certainly wasn't shocked. He when asked by me what I might expect from him personally (after 19 years) looked at me in shock and replied, "I'm losing money like everyone else". I told him in my own words that that was a lot of bull and walked out of his office.

Today he got an email asking if he wanted to consider two paintings by a artist he collects; one $1,900,000 and one $1,700,000 The art dealer's words "I believe in this climate there would be room for negotiation of either strike you."

BUT he hasn't got any money to give me after 19 years.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lots of stuff

I've been accumulating notes for weeks. And since I had them accumulated I thought I'd just put them down today.

These are all about this disgusting man I've worked for the past 19years and who today I found out I will only have to do this for a couple of months more because our department and he in particular have been given notice that we are not being renewed. He and his partner had a 2 year contract with the option of our senior owner to renew on a year to year basis. WELL THEY DIDN'T.

These are his comments during the past few weeks . He became more vicous as he realized we wouldn't be working together much longer and he could say and do what he wanted.

1) "Don’t mean to harp on this but Last night I had to go to 275 Hudson Street and you didn’t give me a cross street. (He was at BAM and buses were supposed to take him to Restaurant)" and he has a personal driver who should have been able to find the restaurant.

2)Mtg at 919 3rd Ave(Goes there every month for board mtg. Calls me furious. I didn’t give him the cross street. I reply the entrance is on 55th St. “No it’s on 3rd avenue, but you didn’t put it in my calendar. “But you go there every month. It didn’t dawn on me you wouldn’t remember where the entrance was”. That’s not the point, YOU DIDN”T PUT IT IN MY CALENDAR",.

3)He has an interview in San Fran for Private Club. “I didn’t put the last name of the person he has mtg with on his calendar. If he took the printed out itinerary I make up for every trip which has every single detail he’d see the name.

4)He’s looking for a new job but doesn’t tell me. I read all his emails and he thinks I don’t know. He’s looking at rentals in San fran and I’m not supposed to know.

This morning he calls before coming in. I wrote in his blackberry calendar he claims that his plane was leaving at 3PM instead of 3:40PM yesterday so he got to the airport TOO EARLY.
Then he calls me in today to inform me that our contract hasn’t been renewed but if he goes somewhere of course they can’t pay me what I make but maybe I would work less hours and he’d be able to pay me something. I asked him if this was going to have anything to do with my year end “gift”. ( I have to fight for it every year) He said, I lost a lot of money. LIAR, LIAR. I take care of his funds and know he's worth a couple of hundred million. Yikes

Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Day of Blog

Today is the first time I've ever written on a blog so forgive me as I get familiar with the whole concept. As a heads-up, the purpose of this is to vent my frustrations and disgust and anger at the horrible man I work for. I've spent almost twenty years in servitude, mainly because I thought that there weren't a lot of opportunities available for me when I met him during my earlier fifties, yes fifties and I needed to earn a living. By the time I realized I had made a serious mistake the years had just gone by and then it was too late.

I have lots of things to say about him and will start tomorrow.